April 26, 2015

Graduation Explosion box

I made this really cool graduation explosion box for my nephew a few years ago.  It held a gift card inside, and when the hat (lid) was removed, the inside had the words "You did It" floating above the card, waving in the breeze.

Each letter of the words was on its own piece of clear acetate so they would sway in the breeze easier, and each word was stair-stepped in front of each other.  It was a work of art.  He loved it, everybody loved it, it was awesome!  (One of those things you think twice about giving away because you want to keep it for yourself.  C'mon...admit it...you've done it too).  But...nobody got any pictures!  Duh, what's wrong with me??!!

Or so I thought.  This week I was purging some of my pictures from the hard drive...and what do I see?  Thaaaaats right.  My work of art explosion box.  Sometimes I don't know how I manage to put one foot in front of the other sometimes. 

The tassel is made with several strands of embroidery floss, and the letters were cut with the CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.

When the lid (hat) was removed, the front side of the box fell open (kinda like a drawbridge) to reveal the magic inside.  The double layer of red/white paper on the "drawbridge" made it heavy enough to fall on it's own. 

This project was actually pretty easy.   I used 1 sheet of 12 x 12 black for the base, and 1 1/2 pages of 12 x 12 black for the hat.  The hat was very sturdy and kept it's shape.  The button used to hold the tassel was held tightly in place with a piece of florists wire underneath the hat.  That whole contraption was completely hidden with the red/white papers placed inside the hat.  

I used the stamp set A1139 Congrats Graduate, which I just love because it's the perfect size for everything!  The numbers are varsity looking, so I have used it many times on my son's sports pages  projects, and team treats.

We each signed and wrote little notes to him on the white pieces and made it personal.  I think I wrote something heartfelt like "If you ever throw this away I'll purposely forget to buy you presents at Christmas".  Just a little something meaningful between a loving Aunt and her nephew.

Stamps:  A1139 Congrats Graduate
Inks:   Black, Cranberry
Paper:   Black, Cranberry, White Daisy, Honey, Indian Corn Blue, Cotton Candy
Cartridge:  Art Philosophy

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April 23, 2015

True To Life Photo Cube

I like unique ways of displaying my pictures.  My scrapbooks are for when you have the time to go through and give attention to the story being told.   Not all of my guests have the time (or desire) to spend with and get lost in my scrapbooks.   Some of them just want to casually skim over the pictures as they pass by, or steal a quick peek when they are perched on the couch.

So, I made a photo cube!  This way I can smile every time I see it because I will recall the memories of those trips, and other people can laugh and say to themselves "Wow, what a weird looking family."

I used one sheet of Kraft paper to score and cut a pattern to make a 3x3 block.  The Artiste cartridge has a cut for this (page 45), but I just get in the habit of sketching things and doing it myself.  Although the Cricut would make it easier now that I'm thinking this through...

I used some jubilee paper scraps from last year and coordinating cardstock and inks because they were just so summery and blended well with the kraft paper.

This cube holds 4 pictures.  Each picture is popped with a fun sentiment from various stamp sets in my collection. Some sets are retired but I just can't get rid of them because they are perfect for big statements in little spaces.

I've said it before...when you find a stamp set you really like...you better get it because you never know when it will be retired.

My husband is always about "the adventure", so I thought it was perfectly fitting to use this sentiment on the top of the block.  Every day I wake up, I'm thankful for my happy, fun, never-ending chore filled adventure.

Stamps:  True to Life, Hello Blooms, Washi Wonder, It's Your Day.
Inks:  Honey, Cranberry, Indian Corn Blue, Black
Paper:  Kraft, Jubilee, Honey, Cranberry, Indian Corn Blue, Sweet Leaf

Thanks for looking!

View the 2014-15 Inspirations Book and NEW Seasonal Expressions online 
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2014-15 Annual Inspirations
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NEW Seasonal Expressions 2

April 20, 2015

Two jars, Six holidays, Twelve wraps!

We recently wrapped up a two-part workshop creating a total of 12 wraps for some glass canisters where the idea is that they can stay out all year long and all you have to do is interchange the wraps according to the time of year.  I know...brilliant! 

Everyone received 2 jars.  We used the Cricut to create a stencil out of vinyl for the jars and then used glass etching cream on them.  Each set of jars read "Sweets" and "Treats".  Then we designed 2 wraps each for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  After the first of the year, we got together for part 2, and created wraps for Valentines day, Easter, and 4th of July.

This was not my Mom's favorite project.  She reminds me of that quite often.  I, on the other hand love love loved it!

As always, it's super exciting to see how each person changes the projects to accommodate their tastes, and sometimes I find myself thinking "Darn...why didn't I think of that!"  I just love all the creative people I am surrounded with every month when we get together to create!

We needed 15" to reach around the canisters, so I just added a 3 1/4" section to the 12" length, and it worked perfectly.  After it was all put together, we used Velcro type fasteners to attach them in the back.  When using the ribbon, we found that the Velcro didn't adhere very well, so we ended up Stapling it to the ribbon and now those suckers stay on the jar until you take them off!!

The Halloween jar wraps used images from the CTMH Artbooking cartridge.  You cant see the spider hanging over the web very well in the picture, but I have it attached by a piece of clear acetate backing leftover from the bitty sparkles embellishments packaging (I know...brilliant...again!).   "Waste Nothing"...isn't that the crafters motto?  The spider sort of bounces and vibrates a little every time the jar is moved.  It's a little freaky.

We only needed 2 pieces of self adhesive Velcro for each jar.  Worked very well.  After the wrap was designed, the Velcro was the last thing to apply.  We applied half of the Velcro (the fuzzy side) first, and left the rough side attached.  Then we pulled the adhesive backing off the rough side, wrapped the wrap around the jar, and pressed the edge of the wrap on top of the exposed Velcro, making sure the wrap was aligned when the ends met. 

I only have one of the Fall/Thanksgiving wraps to show here...someone mistakenly walked off with my wrap and left me theirs which was all messed up.  (I HAVE to believe it was a mistake...'cause who would do that...right?)  The one that they left me was not meeting my attention to detail standards at all.  Oh wait...it was my son...That little sneak!  And he took it to his teacher, so that was the end of that! 

I had such fun creating the Christmas wraps.  I think they were the easiest to design and put together.  But then again...everything with Christmas is fun!

The Valentines wraps however were a different story.  I had such a hard time coming up with designs for that one.  I don't know why.  So let's move on...

Easter was such a hoot with the bunny head in the front, and the bunny "buns" in the back.  I think that one was everyone's favorite.

I can't wait for the 4th of July to wrap my wraps.  These turned out so well, I might just consider putting them on in June so I can look at them for a whole extra month!  With a house full of boys, I can kind of do what I want with the decorations.  I think the only reason they notice these jar wraps is because they are wrapped around jars FULL OF CANDY!  Hey...I know how to get their attention.

To decorate the top of the jars, I'm looking for that "just perfect" knob, or drawer pull to sit on top and finish it off.  I have one of those super powerful neodymium magnets under the lid, and it will hold the knob very tightly to the lid.   So that too can be interchanged with the holidays.  This gift just keeps on giving!

This project was so popular, we had people asking for extra kits and custom etching stencils to give  as Christmas gifts.  Some hid gift cards inside, some stuffed them with things individual to the recipient.   Again...surrounded by uber creative peeps and I love it!

Thanks for visiting!

November 25, 2014

Christmas Cards - Day 5

Frostedcard wotg

Today we made cards form a retired stamp set.  Sorry.  But it is one of my favorites...and when you find one you like you better get it because it won't be available forever!!  (Want to know how I know that?)

This card started out as something entirely different, and when I lost patience with my original vision...this is what I ended up with.  I love it!


Stamp: Frosted card WOTG
Paper:  Colonial White, Black, Ruby, Yuletide Carol
Ink:  Ruby, Black
Extras: Red Shimmer trim, Brown & Tan assortment Sparkles

The ruby snowflake on the front was cut out using the CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.

Gift Tags

The tree gift tag was made using the 2nd generation stamping method.  I finished it off by marking each of the tree branches with a clear stardust gelly roll pen.  You cant see any of it in the picture...but it made the trees look like they had a light dusting of sparkle snow.  It really turned out great...just can't see a lick of it in the picture, darnit!

Stamp:  Frosted card WOTG
Paper:  White Daisy, Ruby, Yuletide Carol
Ink:  Ruby, Topiary, Blac

The "to" and "from" stamp came from another set. 

There's still time to order your Christmas crafting supplies and have your cards whipped out in plenty of time to spare before Christmas. 

Make any purchase over $25 through my website and I'll send you a thank you gift!  (make sure your mailing address and email are entered correctly when you place your order.)   

So what are you waiting for?  Get crafting!